​What is the structure and configuration of retractable stairs?

2021-01-24 21:21:54fushifeng

Economic model: the structure of the telescopic staircase is equipped with 2 large springs, 2 small springs, 2 small hydraulic rods, locks and ladders, which can open the cover plate quickly and have no stop function at any time; the structure of the ladder body is: the S-ring is a single-chip mold, one-time forming stamping parts, the pedal is not a one-time forming, high stability link mode, and the pedal and S-ring are formed by electric welding; the color can only be single Solid color, color matching is not allowed; note: all color matching are connected by rivets, and some solid colors are also connected by rivets, and the spring and hydraulic dry tension configured above are small, so there will be left and right swing, low stability, and customers feel no sense of safety;

Luxury style; the earliest luxury style configuration is the same as the economic style configuration: 2 large springs, 2 small springs, 2 small hydraulic rods, lock, ladder body structure is different, S-ring is double piece, 2 single pieces are spot welded together for double piece, smaller than the economic style s-piece, step is a mold stamping one-time forming part, S-ring is also a mold stamping one-time forming part, connection is common rivet connection, stable Attention: good luxury is equipped with high tension customized hydraulic rod, no spring configuration, solid wood cover, thickness of 2.8 cm; lock is concealed lock, frame height of 17-18 cm, half made of steel, half made of wood, ladder connection is made of high-strength customized rivets; ladder opens the cover The board can stay at will, as easy as you open the door, the ladder will not swing left and right, the stability can be high, the use is very easy, this is the luxury used

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