​High strength safety aluminum alloy miter ladder

2021-01-24 21:21:54fushifeng

The aluminum alloy herringbone ladder has the advantages of light weight, high strength, and safe, reasonable and convenient use. Let's introduce the specific content.

1. When using the aluminum alloy miter ladder, the operator should face the ladder and touch it at three points. He can only go up one gear at a time, and can not cross two or more gears at the same time. He is not allowed to take materials, tools and other things in his hands

2. When using the aluminum alloy miter ladder, ensure that the operator's body center of gravity is in the middle of the ladder. The operator can go up to the third gear at most, and must be supported by someone nearby. When the height reaches two meters, the safety belt must be tied. All the materials required are handed by the escalator personnel, and remember not to throw tools and materials up and down.

3. When the aluminum alloy miter ladder is used, the same miter ladder can only be used by one person. When the aluminum alloy miter ladder needs to be relocated, it must be removed from the aluminum alloy miter ladder.

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