​How about the safety performance of retractable stairs

2021-01-24 21:21:54fushifeng

1. As an indoor traffic line connecting the upper and lower levels, it is suggested that the installation planning and construction should be completed by a company with professional stair talent, stair planning ability and excellent construction technology, which is the primary condition to ensure the safety function of stairs. Don't only pay attention to the quotation, structure and style of stairs, we need to think about the safety function of stairs in the front.

2. The stairs with high safety function have high load-bearing capacity. The gradient of the stairs should be gentle and the width should be moderate. The needs of children at home lead to high attention, so as to avoid the inconvenience for them to go up and down the stairs.

3. In addition to paying attention to the quality and safety functions of stairs, there are also some safety details that need to be paid attention to, such as the distance of stair railings, the number of steps for each section of stairs, the height of stair handrails, the scale and skid resistance of stair steps, the water chestnut created by a single material stair, the welding, polishing and firmness of steel stairs, etc. only when the overall attention is paid to, can we ensure it Very good to improve the safety function of stairs.

Because the family loft is built in different decoration styles, when you choose the loft expansion staircase, you can directly contact the manufacturer to customize your own family style loft expansion staircase, and the price is not expensive, so there is no sense of disobedience for your overall interior.

Loft retractable stairs save space, and beautiful, loft retractable stairs small and convenient, retractable freely, release more home space, make home life more comfortable

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